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Network News

Published quarterly, IGP's Network News keeps you informed about what's happening in the IGP Network: emerging markets, new Network Partners, innovative products and services, seminars and events, as well as updates on benefits trends and legislative changes affecting employee benefits around the world.


September 2023 (Newsflash)
UAE: IGP Welcomes National Health Insurance Company – Daman, our new Network Partner in the UAE.

July 2023
2023 IGP Global Benefits Conference: Let’s Build a Healthy Working World
Belgium: AG's Benchmark Study - What About Supplementary Pensions?
Netherlands: Vitality Towards and During Retirement
Poland: Unum Offers a New Group Insurance Solution to Provide Comprehensive Support for Employee Health

April 2023
2023 IGP Global Benefits Conference: Let’s Build a Healthy Working World
Canada: Manulife's Impact Agenda: Building a Better Business to Better the World
Finland: Creating a Reward Model that Motivates Employees
Greece: The ETHNIKI is Leading the Changes in the Strengthening EB Market in Greece
Netherlands: What Will Change with the New Pension Reform?


December 2022
Further: With Precision Medicine, Further Offers an Employee Benefit at the Forefront of Medical Advances in Cancer Treatment
Cambodia: Emerging Middle Class Increases the Importance of Employee Benefits Insurance and the Need for Financial Planning
Denmark: PFA Offers Advisory Services Through Data Intelligence
Sweden: SPP Offers Occupational Pensions That Can Make a Sustainable Difference
UK: AXA Health Introduces Neurodiversity Assessment and Support Service

November 2022 (Newsflash)
Spain: Medical plans in Spain placed with our Network Partner, Caser, can be included in IGP accounts.

October 2022 (Newsflash)
Romania: IGP is pleased to welcome Asirom Vienna Insurance Group as our newest Network Partner.

October 2022
Norway: Changes in Workplace Pensions: Own Pension Accounts and Pension Earnings on All Income, for All Employees
Malaysia: AIA Malaysia Launches First-in-Market Mental Health Solution for Employees
Switzerland: AXA Switzerland's WeCare: Reaching the Goal Together

July 2022
Belgium: A More Effective Wellbeing Policy Starts with a 360° Wellbeing Audit
Canada: Manulife's Group Benefits Offers Personalized Medicine to Support Healthier Lives
Italy: Are Italians Health-Conscious Enough?
Thailand: Muang Thai Keeps the Customer at Heart and Transforms the Thai Insurance Industry

March 2022
IGP’s New Center of Expertise: Innovative Global Employee Benefits Solutions, Including Reinsurance to Captive and Global Underwriting Programs
Ireland: The Changing Expectations of the Gen-Z Workforce
Poland: How Unum Covers Individual Needs in their Group Insurance
Singapore: Aviva Singapore and Singlife Come Together as Singlife with Aviva
Sweden: Salary Exchange Plan Enhances Financial Wellbeing
United States: Prudential's Special Report on Life & Work in the Pandemic Era: Building the Future of Work Requires Skills Training & Flexibility

February 2022
Press Release: IGP launches Center of Expertise for Reinsurance to Captive and Global Underwriting Programs


December 2021
Farewell to Peter de Vries, Welcome to Marco Giacomelli: A Joint Interview with the Retired and New Heads of the IGP Network
Sustainability and ESG: The Growing Relevance in Employee Benefit Programs
Belgium: Implementing a Sustainable Wellbeing Solution
Ireland: Irish Life Health – Ensuring Employees Have Access to Healthcare When They Need it
2022 IGP Global Employee Benefits Conference: The Westin Copley Place, Boston - May 2022

October 2021
Employee Benefits in the Nordics: A Comparison between Finland, Norway and Sweden
Ireland: Irish Life Launches New Rehabilitation and Intervention Programs
Japan: The Dai-ichi's New Health Promotion Program: The Healthier the Employees, the Lower the Insurance Premiums
Mexico: Historic Reform to Public Pensions and Retirement Savings
2022 IGP Global Employee Benefits Conference: |The Westin Copley Place, Boston - May 10-12, 2022 Benefits & wellness trends, innovations in employee retention, talent management, employees’ health and DE&I - global and local!

July 2021
Editorial: Marco Giacomelli, Head of IGP Employee Benefits Network
Canada: The 2020 Wellness Report
Malaysia: AIA Bhd. Helps Customers Lead Healthier, Longer, Better Lives
Netherlands: a.s.r. - Strengthening its Brand, Preparing for Pension Reform and Nurturing a World-Class Workplace
Ukraine: The Changing Employee Benefits Landscape
United Kingdom: AXA Health Supports Employees on the Road to Recovery from Long COVID
2022 IGP Global Employee Benefits Conference: The Westin Copley Place, Boston - May 2022

May 2021 (Newsflash)
Cambodia: IGP is pleased to welcome Sovannaphum Life Assurance Plc as our newest Network Partner.

March 2021
Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Treatment & Outcomes – What It Could Mean for Your Employees
Belgium: Combining the Benefits of Branch 21 and Branch 23 – The Future of Group Insurance
Denmark: The "ARNE" Pension – A New Right to Early Retirement
Norway: Important Changes to Defined Contribution Occupational Pension Plans – The Employee's "Own Pension Account"
Singapore: Aviva's New Group Psychological Wellness Benefit – Making Workplace Mental Health a Priority
Switzerland: Semi-Autonomous Pension Solutions Provide Value for Customers and Shareholders
United Kingdom: Canada Life's "WeCare" Provides Extensive Health and Wellbeing Services


December 2020
Editorial: Peter de Vries, Vice President & Head of the IGP Network
Canada: Manulife Introduces: Health by Design – A Proactive Care Model for Healthy Employees
Denmark: PFA Pension Launches PFA Climate Plus
United Kingdom: AXA PPP healthcare Rebrands as "AXA Health"; Supporting Members' Health & Wellbeing at Every Step
2021 IGP Virtual Training Series: Training Sessions for Corporate Contacts

October 2020
Argentina: SMG LIFE: Your Local Link to an Innovative Suite of Employee Benefits Products and Services
Belgium: AG: How Branch 21 and Branch 23 Grow Your Staff Members’ Supplementary Pension Nest Egg
Japan: Social Security Reform: Important Changes to Pension Plans
TCNs & Expatriates: Protecting Your Staff Around the World via AXA Luxembourg
United Kingdom: Times are Changing. So is Canada Life

July 2020
Belgium: Return To Work: A Success Story
Brazil: Reform of the Pension System
France: #PACTE Law, Profile of Malakoff Humanis, Malakoff Humanis Introduces Human Capital Analytics
Germany: Gothaer Introduces Insurance for the Loss of Basic Abilities
Italy: Collective Labor Agreement for Managers (Dirigenti) of Industrial Companies
Peru: Seguro de Vida Ley: Protecting Workers from the First Day of Employment
Sweden: Long-Term Disability Pensions can now be Pooled

July 2020 (Newsflash)
Kenya: IGP is pleased to welcome UAP Old Mutual as our newest Network Partner.

March 2020
IGP: Service Continues Uninterrupted during COVID-19 Crisis
IGP: Survey Reveals Continued Move to Globalization
China: Taiping Offers Cancer Care Programs for Employees' Parents
Sweden: Raised Retirement Ages as of 2020
Switzerland: The Time Has Come to Change to a Forward-Looking Pension Solution
The Netherlands: Key Highlights of the Renewal of the Pension System
The Netherlands: Start Moving with a.s.r. Vitality

February 2020 (Newsflash)
IGP Network Partners Take Measures to Ease the Impact of the Epidemic and Ensure the Wellbeing of Insureds


December 2019
IGP - Raising the Bar: Editorial by Peter de Vries, VP & Head of the IGP Network
Russia: Medical Plans can be Pooled Effective January 1, 2020; Renaissance Insurance Group’s Voluntary Medical Insurance (VMI) Solution
China: Manulife-Sinochem Partners with Haodf, China's Leading Online Medical Platform
History of Pooling: GBV Interview with Peter de Vries
2020 IGP Asia-Pacific Seminar: July 16, 2020 – Singapore

September 2019
Guaranteed Global Advance: IGP Introduces an Innovative New Product
IGP Partnership with Further: Providing Access to the World’s Leading Medical Facilities
Poland: Unum Introduces Oncological S.O.S. Package
Canada: Manulife Transforms the Group Benefits Experience in Canada

June 2019
Hong Kong: Welcome to Manulife HK, IGP’s second Network Partner in Hong Kong
Malaysia: Malaysia's Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality Survey Provides Insight on Employee Health
Singapore: Aviva Singapore's Group LivingCare Plus Offers Valuable Protection for 10 Early Critical Illnesses

March 2019
Belgium: Rising Long-Term Sick-Leave Challenges Belgian Employers and Employees
Canada: Enhancements to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Quebec Pension Plan (QPP)
Italy: Italian Observatory on Healthcare Report: Health Status and Quality of Care in the Italian Regions
Luxembourg: Supplementary Pension Solution for the Self-Employed: My Prolife
United Kingdom: Canada Life’s EmployeeCare: One App. Total Wellbeing.


November 2018 (Newsflash)
Switzerland: AXA Switzerland Transforms its Group Life Business, Creating Additional Value for Customers and Shareholders
Pooling Markets in 2018: Discussion of Industry Trends and the Future of Pooling Source: Global Benefits Vision, Issue 32
2019 IGP Global Employee Benefits Conference: The Grand Malahide, Dublin (Ireland), May 21-23

October 2018
Expatriates & TCNs: Introducing AXA-Global Healthcare and AXA Luxembourg
A Client’s Perspective: Moving from a Decentralised to a Centralised Structure
Ireland: Government Roadmap for Pension Reform 2018-2023
Denmark: PFA EarlyCare®: Early Intervention Pays Off
2019 IGP Global Employee Benefits Conference: The Grand Malahide, Dublin (Ireland), May 21-23

June 2018
IGP Welcomes Global Benefits Group, Inc.: Second Network Partner for TCN & Expat Coverage
United Kingdom: UK Productivity Severely Impacted by Employee Stress and Anxiety
Russia: Change in Reinsurance Law
IGP News: “Opting-in” to Receive Network News and Other IGP Updates
2018 IGP Asia-Pacific Seminar: September 6, 2018 - Hong Kong
IGP Lunch & Learn: September 11, 2018 - Kyiv, Ukraine

March 2018
Japan: The Dai-ichi’s New Corporate Medical Insurance Plan Offers Enhanced Benefits
Netherlands: A Grip on Pensions: How Your Employees Can Get the Best From Their Pension Scheme
EU Data Protection Regulation: IGP’s Approach to Data Security
IGP Lunch & Learn: April 11, 2018 - Indonesia
IGP Workshops for Multinational Corporations & Advisors: June 2018 – Brussels


December 2017
Germany: Comprehensive Pension Reform Redefines the Occupational Pensions Landscape
Mexico: Seguros Monterrey’s MiSeguroMty App & Calculating Social Security Benefits and Contributions Based on the Consumer Price Index
Malaysia: AIA Launches New Apps to Enhance Corporate Members’ Experience with Their Healthcare Insurance
Norway: Storebrand Introduces “Quick Return-to-Work” Programme
IGP Lunch & Learn: April 11, 2018 - Indonesia
IGP Workshops for Multinational Corporations & Advisors: June 2018 - Brussels

IGP 50th Anniversary Edition
Editorial: Peter de Vries - Vice President, Head of the IGP Network
SAP & Schlumberger: Discussion on the Design, Implementation and Management of Diverse Benefit Programs
50th Anniversary IGP Seminar: Highlights from a World-Class Event
IGP: A Few Words from our Team Leaders and Regional Managers

October 2017
Multinational Pooling & Captives: The Value of Reinsurance
Argentina: Increasing Awareness of the Need for Life Insurance
The Netherlands: Change in Retirement Age per January 1, 2018
IGP: Independent Survey Confirms IGP as #1 Network

March 2017
Belgium: AG Insurance Introduces a New Income Protection Solution
United Kingdom: AXA PPP healthcare provides support services for Canada Life customers: EmployeeCare, Bereavement Counseling and Probate Helpline
Asia-Pacific: IGP Introduces New Regional Director for Asia
Latin America: IGP’s Regional Coordinator for Latin America now based in Mexico
IGP Events: Workshops on Multinational Pooling and Employee Benefits (Brussels) – June 2017; IGP’s 50th Anniversary International Employee Benefits Seminar (Boston) – May 2017


December 2016
South Africa: Old Mutual Leads the Way in Reshaping Group Risk Cover
Belgium: AG Insurance Introduces a New Income Protection Solution and “My Global Benefits”, an Essential HR Tool
Canada: Manulife’s Workplace Solutions for Mental Health
Finland: Mandatum’s “Group Optimi” Insurance for Nordben Customers
IGP Events: IGP’s 50th Anniversary International Employee Benefits Seminar, May 9-11, 2017

October 2016
Norway: New Savings Rates for Defined Contribution Plans
Japan: Major Changes to Defined Contribution Pension Plans
Turkey: New Pension Legislation Introduces Automatic Enrollment
IGP: 2016 IGP Country Profiles
IGP Events: IGP 50th Anniversary Seminar, Westin Copley Place Boston, May 2017

June 2016
Belgium: Questions on the New Supplementary Pension Law
United Kingdom: Preventive Healthcare Key to Workplace Health
Japan: The Dai-ichi’s Solution for Mandatory Employee Stress Checks
IGP Events: 2016 IGP Americas Seminar in São Paulo, Brazil

March 2016
Belgium: Amendments to the Supplementary Pension Act
Denmark: PFA Pension Named "Best Pension Provider in Denmark"
United Kingdom: Pension Legislation Changes Provide More Choice
United Kingdom: AXA PPP healthcare Wins Award for App
IGP: Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
IGP Events: 2016 IGP International Employee Benefits Seminar in Windsor, UK


December 2015
Finland: Reform of Earnings-Related Pension System
Norway: New Rules for Disability Pensions
Singapore: Aviva Introduces New Apps for Submitting and Managing Claims
Netherlands: a.s.r. to Launch New General Pension Fund
IGP Events: 2016 IGP International Benefits Seminars in Asia, Europe & LATAM

October 2015
Mauritius: IGP Welcomes Swan Life Ltd.
Belgium: Where are Supplementary Pensions Headed?
Multinational Pooling: The Value of Reinsurance
Turkey: Allianz Introduces Group Complementary Health Insurance (CHI)
United Kingdom: AXA PPP's Research on Stress and Mental Health
United Kingdom: Insurance Premium Tax Rises & Changes to National Insurance Contributions (NICs)

August 2015
Canada: The Power of Financially Secure Employees
Indonesia: PT. Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Recognized for Quality and Service
United Kingdom: AXA PPP Introduces Corporate Health Plan for Mid-Sized Companies
United Kingdom: AXA PPP Wins "European Large Contact Centre of the Year" Award
IGP Events: 2015 IGP International Employee Benefits Seminar (Boston)

March 2015
Belgium: New Guaranteed Interest Rate on Group Insurance Plans
HR Grapevine's Roundtable Discussion on the Advantages of Multinational Pooling
UK – AXA PPP healthcare Introduces New Products and Services to Promote Employee Health and Wellbeing
UK – Canada Life Group Insurance: A Group Risk Success Story
Hungary – AEGON Hungary Wins Multiple Awards in 2014
TCNs & Expats – AXA Introduces New International Savings Product for Internationally Mobile Employees
IGP Events: Workshops on Multinational Pooling and Employee Benefits (Brussels); 2015 IGP International Employee Benefits Seminar (Boston)


December 2014
Peru: IGP Welcomes MAPFRE Perú
Network News: New International Experience Reports
United Kingdom: Canada Life Introduces Treatment Sourcing Service for Group Income Protection (GIP) and Group Critical Illness (GCI)
Belgium and United Kingdom: AG Insurance and AXA PPP healthcare Win Prestigious Awards
Network Partner News: MAPFRE: A Year of Achievement and Recognition
IGP Events: Lunch & Learn in Lima, Peru; 2015 International Employee Benefits Seminar in Boston; IGP Workshops in Brussels for Multinational Corporations & International Advisors

October 2014
UAE: IGP Welcomes Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC)
IGP Small Groups Pool: Another Positive Year!
Japan: Changes to Pension Contributions, Mandatory Retirement Age and Industrial Safety & Health Act
Singapore: Aviva’s New Health & Wellness Program
United Kingdom: Canada Life Group Insurance Rated "Best" for 3rd Consecutive Year
Turkey: Merger of Allianz Sigorta and Yapi Kredi Sigorta
IGP Events: 2015 IGP Seminar in Boston

June 2014
IGP Survey: 80% of multinationals use pooling to control employee benefits costs
Belgium: Supplemental Pensions: Eliminating discriminatory differences between blue collar and white collar workers
Denmark: PFA Pension's Success in 2013: Continuing a positive trend
Singapore: Aviva's new smartphone app for Preferred Care Plus (PCP) members
IGP Events: IGP One-Day Seminars in Hong Kong & Miami, Recap of the 2014 IGP Seminar in Berlin

January 2014
United Kingdom: "Presenteeism" on the Rise in the UK; Group Income Protection 'Early Intervention Service' expanded
Italy: Same Network Partner, new name: UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A.
Philippines: Insular Life - A dependable foundation for challenging times
IGP Events: 2014 IGP International Employee Benefits Seminar in Berlin


December 2013
Belgium: Disability on the rise
Malaysia: New minimum retirement age; Update on the Voluntary Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)
Argentina: SMG Life - A decade of prestige and recognition!
IGP Events: 2014 IGP International Employee Benefits Seminar in Berlin; Recaps of the 2013 IGP Lunch-n-Learns and the Training Workshops for Multinational Corporations & International advisors

October 2013
Netherlands: a.s.r. and De Amersfoortse’s New Employee Pension Plan
New Zealand: IGP Welcomes Fidelity Life Assurance
Turkey: Allianz & Yapi Kredi Partnership
UK: Canada Life Rated "Best Insurer"
IGP Events: Workshops for Multinational Corporations and International Advisors; Recaps of the 2013 IGP Asia-Pacific Seminar & Mini-Seminar in Beijing

July 2013
Austria: 2013 Amendment to the Pension Fund Act
China: Taiping introduces new proactive employee wellness plan
Malaysia: Same Network Partner, new name: AIA acquires ING Insurance Berhad
IGP Events: 2013 IGP Asia-Pacific Seminar, Lunch-n-Learns in Barcelona & Beijing, Multinational Pooling Training Workshops in Brussels & 2014 IGP Seminar in Berlin

April 2013
Finland: Changes to Taxation of Voluntary Pension Insurance Premiums
Sweden: Pooling of Occupational Group Life Insurance (TGL)
Network Partners' Newsflashes: Aviva Russia, Irish Life & Fidem Life Becomes Aegon Life Ukraine
IGP Events: 2013 IGP Seminar in Brazil (Recap) & 2014 IGP International Benefits Seminar in Berlin


December 2012
Norway: Introduction to the New Occupational Pensions
Belgium: New Guaranteed Interest Rate for Group Insurance Plans
Turkey: Pension Reform: Introduction of State Contributions
UK: Canada Life's Medical Advisory Service: "Best Doctors"
IGP Events: Recaps of the 2012 Seminar in Boston, Training Workshops in Brussels & Lunch-n-Learn Events

July 2012
Luxembourg: Profile of Cardif Lux Vie
Sweden: SPP named "Fund Insurance Company of the Year"
IGP Events: 2012 IGP Seminar in Boston & Multinational Training Workshops in Brussels, Recap of Lunch-n-Learn events in France & Spain
IGP Website: Check out the "Partners" section

March 2012
Poland: IGP Welcomes Pramerica Zycie TUiR SA
IGP: Survey on Sharing Back Pooling Dividends
Belgium: Supplementary Pensions
Latin America: Mapfre named "Best Primary Insurer" for six years in a row
IGP Events: 2012 IGP Seminar in Boston & Lunch-n-Learn Events in Spain


December 2011
IGP: Delivery of International Experience Reports
IGP: Small Groups Pool Pays Big Dividends
Asia-Pacific: Continuity of Cover
Hong Kong: AXA China Region's New Mobile "Apps"
Japan: New Group Life Product & Regulations for Voluntary DC Plans

September 2011
IGP: Our New Website is Launched!
Ukraine: Fidem Life Joins the IGP Network
Turkey: The Need for Private Pensions
IGP Events: Workshops on Employee Benefits and Multinational Pooling

July 2011
Hungary: Changes to Pension System
United Kingdom: Removal of the Default Retirement Age
Netherlands: Second Network Partner: De Amersfoortse
Sweden: SPP's Unit-Linked Offering Praised by Söderberg & Partners
Indonesia: PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife: Achievement and Recognition
IGP Events: 2011 IGP Asia-Pacific Seminar in Hong Kong & Recap of IGP Seminar in Brussels

March 2011
Norway: Economic Outlook, 2011 Pension Reform, Storebrand Livsforsikring AS
France: Impact of Recent Pension Reform on Death & Disability Benefits
IGP Event: 2011 IGP Seminar in Brussels


December 2010
Singapore: Changes to Central Provident Fund (CPF)
Ireland: Irish Life's Innovative Underwriting & Claims Management
Philippines: Insular Life Celebrates 100 Years of Excellence!

November 2010
IGP Welcomes Quatrem: Second Network Partner in France
IGP Small Groups Pool: Another Excellent Year!
Greece: Pension Reform
Korea: Corporate Retirement Plans
Nordben: Insuring Local Nationals

July 2010
IGP Asia-Pacific Seminar
Denmark: Corporate Health Responsibility
Germany: Rebranding of VICTORIA Life as ERGO Insurance
IGP Events: 2010 Multinational Pooling Workshops & IGP Asia-Pacific Seminar in Singapore

April 2010
Turkey: Private Pension System
IGP Client Websites: A World of Information at Your Fingertips!
IGP Events: 2010 Lunch 'n Learn, Multinational Pooling Workshops & Mini-Seminar in Korea


December 2009
IGP Small Groups Pool Pays Big Dividends!
Australia: Potential Changes for Insurers
Denmark: 2010 Tax Reform
Belgium: Innovative Services for Pension Funds

September 2009
Romania: Introducing Aviva Asigurari de Viata SA
Brazil: Pooling & Reinsurance Possible via Mapfre Seguros
Argentina: Nationalization of Private Pension System
Austria: Victoria-Volksbanken's Enhanced Pension Product
Netherlands: ASR's New DC Pension Plan

June 2009
Hungary: Going for Growth in 2009!
Belgium: Fortis Insurance Belgium becomes AG Insurance
IGP Events: IGP Training Workshops and 2009 IGP Seminar in Boston

March 2009
IGP: Reducing the Cost of Employee Benefits
Chile: Introducing Mapfre Compañía de Seguros; Social Security Reforms in Chile
Switzerland: Managing Occupational Benefits Funds