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IGP’s data analytics “Medical Claims Reporting” platform introduces interactive, web-based healthcare reporting and analysis, allowing you to identify trends and compare data between your company’s subsidiaries, countries, and regions.

The platform offers a global medical claims reporting tool that uses uniform terminology and coding beyond country and company borders. The dashboards include visualizations of the current year plus the past 3 years at company level, but the information can be drilled down further to regional, country, and subsidiary level - both in local currency and a uniform currency of choice.

The information available includes insured demographics, timing statistics on claims submissions and claims payments, premium versus claims ratios, and various slices of claim activity including frequency, reimbursement amounts, utilization by ICD10 diagnosis, claims incurred versus claims paid, etc.

Key take-aways

Benefit plan demographics, claims utilization levels by disease type (ICD10), premium versus claims ratios, as well as statistics on claims submission and payment

  • Historical data on the current year plus previous three years
  • Reporting in local currency and any currency of your choice
  • Drill down to regional level, country level and subsidiary level
  • Filter on calendar year and underwriting year
  • Filter on date claim incurred, date claim submitted or date claim paid perspective to view seasonal trends
  • Export aggregate data
  • Available to all IGP accounts with minimum 2,500 medical lives and minimum USD 2.5 million risk premium

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