Multinational Pooling

Multinational pooling is a vehicle that enables multinational companies to manage their local employee benefits plans in accordance with their global strategy. Through multinational pooling, employers can obtain data on the local employee benefits plans and may receive a rebate based on the combined claims experience of their programs, as well as potentially improve the terms and conditions of their local group employee benefit policies - at no additional cost.

In a multinational pooling program, all pooled local policies are combined in a “second stage accounting” produced every year. The resulting balance of such account reflects the total savings achieved through pooling policies worldwide, and it generates a rebate payable to the multinational company. The pooling rebate is calculated by netting out claims, changes in reserves, commissions, taxes, any local and central expenses, and risk charges from the worldwide premiums paid plus interest credits.

How Multinational Pooling can add value:

  • Improved oversight and governance of local employee benefits plans. 
  • Opportunity to receive an international pooling rebate if the overall performance of the pool is positive
  • Detailed International Experience Reports (IERs) providing comprehensive financial data for all policies included in the pool
  • Potential for greater stability in plan costs over a period of time

  • Additional layer of service support for both local employees and corporate

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