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International Experience Report

How IGP Helps to Monitor International Benefits Expenditures

IGP helps you achieve greater control over the cost of your international benefits by keeping you better informed. Annual International Experience Reports are provided in a unified format that lets you see how your employee benefits dollars are being spent in each country.

The International Experience Report assists local country management with the task of reporting to headquarters on employee benefits expenditures and provides valuable information to better manage these costs.

Country by country, these annual reports detail, by type of coverage, important information on:

  • Premium
  • Investment Income
  • Claims and Reserves
  • Commissions
  • Taxes
  • Local Dividends
  • Expenses and Risk Charges
  • Country Experience Reports are also available. Each time a year-end report is received on one of your subsidiaries, the information can immediately be made available to you. These reports are produced in local currency and provide a detailed breakdown of premiums, claims, and reserves by type of coverage for the last three years.

    Sample IGP International Experience Report.