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International Dividend

Self-Experienced Clients

Larger, less volatile multinational clients are generally self-experienced.

For each policy participating in a client's International Account, positive Contributions to the International Account (CIAs) are credited, and negative CIAs are debited. If the net result is positive, it is declared as an International Dividend. If the net result is negative, it is carried forward with interest to be recovered from future positive results. But, negative results never affect the First Stage (local) Accounting or the payment of the normal local dividend.

While most deficits are recovered within a few years, IGP’s Rolling Deficit Forgiveness plan protects the International Account from having to carry forward a deficit indefinitely. With few exceptions, Rolling Deficit Forgiveness provides that any unit’s deficit that has not been recovered after it has been included in five International Experience Reports will be forgiven after the fifth report is completed.

Most clients receiving International Dividends elect to distribute them among their subsidiaries participating in IGP, effectively reducing the net cost of each local policy. Other clients choose to have the International Dividend paid to the parent company. The International Dividend payment can be made in many currencies.

A dividend distribution calculation tool is available for all IGP clients and can be requested via your IGP Account Manager.

Small Groups Pool Clients

Generally, smaller, more volatile accounts participate in IGP's Small Groups Pool to protect against adverse fluctuations in claims. There is no minimum number of employees or premium required.

IGP was the first network to establish a small groups pool, and the IGP Small Groups Pool is the largest in the world. This is significant because the larger the pool, the smoother the experience will be from year to year. And most importantly, the risk of the pool having an overall negative result is diminished.

The experience of all of the participating clients is combined to determine a net surplus. If the client's own experience is positive, and the overall experience of the pool is positive, the client receives an International Dividend equal to its overall Contribution to the International Account, less a pro-rata share of deficits that arose elsewhere in the Small Groups Pool. If the client's overall experience is negative, the deficit is recovered by the Small Groups Pool, and individual client deficits are not carried forward to the next year.

How Small Groups Pool Works