MAPFRE Salud ARS improves health for Dominicans

Country news: Dominican Republic (Medical)

June 2024

MAPFRE Salud ARS steps up to promote wellness, while improving the quality of life

With more than five decades of experience and more than 850,000 members1, MAPFRE Salud ARS is a leading health risk manager in the Dominican Republic. During 2023, it made significant progress in its new strategic plan by establishing a series of public-private partnerships, with the aim of continuing to work to improve the quality of life of citizens.

MAPFRE Salud ARS is dedicated to providing health care and support to individuals and institutions in the Dominican Republic, while also striving to contribute to the development of a more sustainable and supportive society.

MAPFRE Salud ARS and HGPS collaborate to strengthen palliative care program

MAPFRE Salud ARS signed an alliance with Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud (HGPS) to strengthen the Lazos Contigo program, an innovative project dedicated to palliative care in the Dominican Republic. 

Through the Lazos Contigo program, MAPFRE Salud ARS complements the cycle of care for its members, offering them preventive and curative care during the crucial stages of their lives. The program provides benefits such as specialty consultations, comprehensive and integrated care, diagnostic testing, supportive medications, and pain management, as well as the support of a multidisciplinary team and volunteers who provide peace of mind to the patient.

Cardiovascular risk prevention evaluations

In 2023, as part of its commitment to the health and well-being of Dominicans, MAPFRE Salud ARS held 12 workshops in six provinces of the country that consisted of cardiovascular risk prevention evaluations, including weighing, blood pressure measurement and determination of Body Mass Index (BMI) .

Dozens of people participated in these workshops in which trained doctors also evaluated their family and personal history, to determine their chances of developing hypertension, and offered lifestyle recommendations to mitigate the risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

MAPFRE Salud ARS has more than 20 programs for disease prevention and healthcare promotion

"Throughout the year we carry out different campaigns and preventive medical days to take care of what is most important to people, which is their health, focusing on education and offering tools to identify the most common conditions in a timely manner," said MAPFRE Salud ARS Executive President, Dr. Andrés Mejía.

Each year, MAPFRE Salud ARS offers prevention and health promotion programs, as well as special “health days”, during which they offer members and the general population free health evaluations and education, thus contributing to the early detection of diseases and raising awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

MAPFRE Salud ARS offers these programs with the support of medical specialists, who strengthen the programs with their experience and care.

The following are samples of these programs:

  • Radiant Moms
    Focused on education and awareness about prenatal care, this program provides theoretical and practical activities so the mother-to-be can prepare for a happy birth.
  • Ties With You
    A palliative care program to improve the quality of life for patients with advanced health conditions, relieving physical, psychosocial, and spiritual suffering, both for the patient and their families.

  • With You
    Comprehensive care and follow-up program for members diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes mellitus and/or chronic kidney disease.

  • Walking With You
    A program created for multi-pathological members with complex health needs that require coordinated, specialized and comprehensive care and continuous follow-up.

  • Always With You
    Offers medical support and guidance from health specialists, with timely and individualized follow-up, to members with oncological pathologies.

  • Sugar in Balance
    Diabetes is very common in the Dominican Republic. This program focuses on the detection of risk factors and education on strict control of this disease for those who suffer from it.

  • Well-Being for Women
    Guidance and awareness aimed at women about the diseases that can affect them the most, especially breast and cervical cancer.

  • Beats
    Promotes the prevention of diseases that can affect the heart through detection of risk factors for cardiovascular pathologies, such as high blood pressure.

  • Breathing Healthy
    A program aimed at the prevention of tuberculosis through education campaigns and promotion of healthy habits that seek to raise awareness among the population about this disease.

Other programs include weight management, first aid, education for parents on healthy eating and childhood diseases, hygiene, planned parenthood, vaccination programs – especially for children, nutrition, gender-specific health issues, cardiovascular exercise, adult dentistry, and emotional health.

AudioDoctor- online support for health concerns

AudioDoctor offers medical advice and support, via telephone and internet, about the services and health concerns common to plan members.


  • Personalized psychological support
  • Follow-up of respiratory tract diseases or treatments
  • Management and follow-up of illnesses resulting in home isolation
  • Orientation to members on health issues
  • Member's guide to accessing health services
  • Early detection and prevention procedures (immunization, pap smears, prenatal checkups, among other services)
  • Promoting New Services Included in Health Plans

AudioDoctor is available to all members of a MAPFRE Salud ARS health plan.

AudioDoctor Hours:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm 
Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

MAPFRE Salud ARS distinguished as “Insurer of the Year in Local Health”

At the ADOCOSE 2023 Excellence Awards, MAPFRE Salud ARS received multiple awards for its outstanding work in the insurance sector.2

MAPFRE Salud ARS received the highest award as "Insurer of the Year", confirming it as a leader in the insurance field in the Dominican Republic. This recognition not only highlights the company's financial strength and operational excellence, but also its ability to adapt to changing market needs and offer innovative solutions to its members.

Within the "Local Health" category, MAPFRE Salud ARS was distinguished as the "Technical and Claims Area of the Year."  This award highlights the efficiency and dedication of the insurer's technical team in claims management, strengthening the unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and effective resolution for policyholders.

By receiving these recognitions, MAPFRE Salud ARS reaffirms its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in the provision of health services.  The company has demonstrated not only its ability to maintain high-quality standards, but also its ability to excel in a competitive and challenging environment.

MAPFRE Salud ARS recognized by Superbrands

MAPFRE Salud ARS was recognized as a “Superbrand” – a distinction that highlights excellence and leadership in the field of health, further consolidating its position as a benchmark of trust and quality in the insurance sector.3

SuperBrands, with a presence in 90 countries and a 29-year history, is internationally recognized for its rigorous selection process, which evaluates key attributes such as trust, prestige, reliability, quality, consumer guarantee, credibility, exposure as a market leader, among others.

MAPFRE Salud ARS has consistently excelled in the attributes of providing high-quality health services that have earned the trust and loyalty of its members. This recognition validates ongoing efforts to provide exceptional medical care and a commitment to credibility in the face of service excellence.

"This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the continued trust of our policyholders and partners," said MAPFRE Salud ARS Executive President, Dr. Andrés Mejía. We are honored to be recognized as a SUPERBRAND and reaffirm our commitment to continue being a leader in healthcare, offering innovative and quality services."3

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