AXA Health offers a holistic approach to employee healthcare

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March 2024

AXA Health: A holistic approach to corporate healthcare

From cancer to mental health, AXA Health supports your employees at every medical or wellbeing touchpoint. 

AXA Health is committed to ensuring its members, your employees, receive the healthcare they need and expect.  AXA Health works hard for its clients to deliver fast access to quality care at a sustainable price. 

The care and safety of its members is paramount to AXA Health, and it works closely with specialists, practitioners and hospital groups concerning the quality and efficacy of the services they provide.

AXA Health’s teams, equipped with data and insight, collaborate with key specialists and hospital groups to continually improve customer experience and value. And its knowledge, stability, size, and strength allow AXA Health to pioneer new approaches, scale new relationships, and enhance healthcare delivery for clients and members.

Making a difference

AXA Health uses its scale and ambition as a force for good, to foster positive changes in the world.

  • AXA Health works with the Reward and Employee Benefits Association (REBA) to deliver impactful annual research. The results of this research allow AXA Health to understand the wellbeing trends at the heart of business transformation, and to inform businesses about the importance of employee wellbeing.
  • When it comes to understanding mental wellbeing challenges and trends, the annual AXA Mind Health Study leads the way.  The Study looks at the state of mind health across 16 countries, providing insight that helps people and businesses overcome obstacles to achieve better mental and physical health. It also helps AXA Health design services to meet emerging business needs.

Fast, easy access to treatment and support

AXA Health believes in stress-free routes to better health.  And employees need convenient access to care, so when a problem arises, AXA Health connects the employee with the right expert quickly.  That way,  employees can get back to feeling their best and thriving at work.

Included services

The following services are automatically included as part of AXA Health’s private medical insurance scheme. The scheme can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

AXA Doctor at Hand – an online GP service, powered by Doctor Care Anywhere – makes it easy for employees to book an appointment with a private GP or an Advanced Nurse Practitioner:

  • Prescriptions delivered to work, home or a pharmacy in the UK.
  • Liaison with an appointments team for referrals to specialists.
  • Referrals for some diagnostic tests and scans – no need to see a specialist first – and AXA Health will handle pre-authorizations.

Musculoskeletal aches and pains are a leading cause of absence from work (Office for National Statistics - Sickness absence in the UK labor market: 2022).

Your employees can recover quickly, without needing a GP referral, thanks to AXA Health’s online clinical assessment for muscle, bone, and joint issues.  This service is available to members aged 18 and over.

Fast, direct access to mental health assessments and support gives employees, aged 18 and over, access to mental health professionals without a GP referral.

With its specialist appointment booking service, AXA Health can help employees see the right expert as quickly as possible. Because the sooner employees are seen by a specialist, the sooner they can get a diagnosis and treatment, and the sooner they can start getting better. 

Support at every stage of cancer

AXA Health understands the effect a cancer diagnosis can have on employees and their families.  AXA Health can provide support for everyone involved, from diagnosis to treatment. Employees also have access to an app to help manage fatigue, one of the most common side-effects of cancer.

In addition, employees undergoing cancer treatment have access to six months of supportive health coaching.  This includes personalized expert advice on nutrition, activity, sleep, and health, helping employees manage their treatment and support their recovery.

24/7 health support

AXA Health’s 24/7 health support line and email service are available to answer health questions. Experienced nurses and counselors are there 24/7 to support your employees when they need it most. Midwives and pharmacists are available Monday to Friday (8am - 8pm), Saturday, (8am - 4pm), and Sunday (8am - 12 pm).

If an employee is referred for help with long COVID symptoms by a GP, specialist, or an approved occupational health clinician, AXA Health’s team of advisers are ready to assist on their road to recovery. Whether that’s physiotherapy, a referral to a specialist consultant or, where clinically appropriate, a 12-week remote rehabilitation program.

91% of AXA Health’s members stated they were satisfied with the specialist appointment booking service (based on responses of 927 members who had their claim paid during the FY in 2022).

Keeping your whole workforce fit and healthy

As part of your private medical insurance, AXA Health is committed to helping your entire workforce stay fit and healthy with wellbeing benefits available to everyone, even those who aren’t covered.

The AXA Health app helps employees find the support they need by bringing their services and wellbeing tools together into one convenient place. Created with clinical experts and behavioral scientists, the app’s users benefit from innovative tools like the AXA Health Age Assessment and mental wellbeing online assessment. Employee privacy is respected in accordance with prevailing laws.

Access to gym offers: AXA Health’s Hussle and Nuffield Health fitness offers make it easier for employees to keep fit in a way that works for them. With offers available to your whole workforce and their partners, whether they have healthcare cover or not, AXA Health will support health engagement across your business. 

Engaging communications

AXA Health helps keep employees engaged with resources that promote better health in mind and body via webinars, factsheets, bite-size videos and more, for employees and line managers.

Health discounts

If an employee would like to learn about their health or have treatment outside of the cover your scheme offers, they have access to:

  • 25% off health assessments from Nuffield Health and Circle Healthcare.
  • 10% off self-pay treatment at selected hospital groups. 

Data and analytics

AXA Health provides data and analytics to help you understand how your scheme is performing, how employees are using the plan and to explore any underlying health trends. 

The insights provided by this data will help you build a coherent strategy to address employee health and wellbeing. Individual employees are not identified in the data.

Connecting your people to their healthcare

While it’s important to provide your people with innovative healthcare services and wellbeing programs, it’s just as important to make sure they can access everything quickly, easily and from wherever they are in the world. Members can use the following to quickly gain access:

  • AXA Health app
  • Wellbeing hubs 
  • Member online accounts 

Services available at an additional cost to enhance your scheme

Neurodiversity assessment and support

AXA Health’s online Neurodiversity Assessment and Support service connects employees, and their eligible family members (aged seven and over), to assessment and where appropriate, early support for autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia.

For more information on neurodiversity services offered by AXA Health.

Support for menopause impact

If you include cover for outpatient specialist consultations and diagnostic tests with your healthcare scheme, you can also include access to specialist menopause support via AXA Health’s network of British Menopause Society-accredited consultant gynecologists for specialist clinical support.

Dental and optical

AXA Health offers routine dental and optical benefits for your employees as part of the medical plan, such as routine dental treatment, periodontal, dental hygienist, and preventative treatment; as well as eye tests, prescribed glasses or contact lenses to correct vision. These benefits are included in the medical scheme, rather than standalone plans and on the basis of payment of a percentage of costs up to an annual limit.

Build wellbeing your way

Supercharge your company’s wellbeing strategy and respond to the healthcare trends in your workplace by purchasing our connected wellbeing services.

  • Wellbeing seminars, health assessments and coaching 
  • Fertility, early parenthood, and menopause support through the Peppy health app (available to UK users over age 18)
  • Men’s and women’s health support through the Peppy health app (available to UK users over age 18)
  • Mental resilience through Thrive Mental Wellbeing app (users must be 14 or over).

Help everyone stay fit, well, and working

AXA Health is on hand to encourage your whole workforce to keep fit and healthy through their focus on prevention and everyday wellbeing.

  • AXA Health’s occupational health service will help you keep your people safe and well so they can thrive, whatever their role and wherever they work. Stay compliant and help your employees remain fit in the workplace with regulation-compliant health surveillance and fitness-for-work assessments.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): AXA Health is here to guide your employees through life’s twists and turns. Specialist support is also available for line managers. If you opt to give your employees access to AXA Health’s Premier EAP, they may be able to receive in-person counseling if they are particularly troubled.
  • Critical incident management: Whether it’s a national incident or a colleague bereavement, shared trauma can have a deep and long-lasting effect.  AXA Health can help you be ready to respond by including a group support session and, where needed, a one-to-one session into your critical-incident-management planning for the emotional support of your employees.

If structured counseling or more specialized therapy is required, AXA Health would direct your employee to the most appropriate service.

Why partner with AXA Health?

Learn more about the advantages of partnering with AXA Health, view their key figures, recent awards and recognitions and get in touch with the local IGP contact.

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